About Jack H. Schonely

Jack SchonelyJack H. Schonely has been working on the front lines of law enforcement in a wide variety of field assignments for over 29 years. He is a nationally recognized expert in the area of suspect tactics and perimeter containment and is a sought after tactical trainer. As you will quickly learn from his experience, he is uniquely qualified to instruct and write on the topics of perimeter containment, search techniques, tactics used by suspects, use of force, and a wide variety of air crew topics.

Jack started his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff in Berks County PA before moving to Los Angeles in 1983 and joining the Los Angeles Police Department. He has witnessed firsthand the changes in how the police and the suspects they are chasing are doing business on a daily basis.

After joining the Los Angeles Police Department, Jack worked as a patrol officer where he was first exposed to the concept of perimeter containment as an effective way to apprehend suspects fleeing on foot. He was involved in perimeters on a nightly basis while working as a patrol officer.

Jack became a field training officer before transferring to an undercover assignment working Hollywood Vice. After completing the 18-month vice tour he was selected as an element member of the departments Metropolitan Division. There, he worked across the entire city working crime suppression, bank stake outs, VIP security, and crowd control details.

Jack with his police service dog in 1993In late 1992, Jack applied for a position as a K-9 handler within Metropolitan Division. He was transferred into that job and spent the next five years searching for LA’s most dangerous criminals. He participated in over 700 high risk K-9 searches as either the primary handler or search team member. More than 300 of those searches resulted in the capture of the suspect. Jack interviewed numerous suspects after their capture to learn how they attempted to avoid being caught.

His next challenge came working as a Tactical Flight Officer (observer) with LAPD’s Air Support Division coordinating tactical operations on a nightly basis. Many of these incidents involved foot pursuits and perimeter containments. He was the Chief Tactical Flight Officer for a short time before he switched seats in the helicopter and was selected as a Command Pilot at Air Support where he is still assigned. He is a Certified Flight Instructor in rotorcraft. Jack was the recipient of the 2004 Air Crew of the Year Award at LAPD Air Support.

Jack has participated in over 2,000 perimeter containments during his career, and he has seen many successes and failures. He has shared his experience with thousands of law enforcement officers across the United States and Canada instructing on this topic.

He is the author of Apprehending Fleeing Suspects; Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment© and has been published in Vertical Magazine, Police Magazine, Air Beat Magazine (journal of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association), Vertical 911 Magazine, and Police K-9 Magazine.

Jack has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and is a certified instructor with California Police Officer Standards and Training. Jack was runner-up for the 2005 Governor's California POST Instructor of the Year Award. Jack is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and the Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA).