Jack has had a wide variety of law enforcement assignments that have allowed him to gain valuable expertise on tactical subjects. He has written, instructed, and consulted fellow law enforcement on many of these issues. He has become a nationally recognized expert in the areas of suspect tactics, perimeter containment, search tactics, and air crew tactics. He has made it his mission to share this experience and expertise with law enforcement across the country to keep them safe and make them tactically effective. The result is more criminals apprehended efficiently and safely.

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"Jack has taken sound tactics and principles and made them into workable solutions for fleeing suspects. I am listening on the radio now as officers are setting up a perimeter on a suspect, as a direct result of Jacks class. The Pursuing Fleeing Suspects class has caused a philosophy change within our department as to how we handle these situations. City officials should expect to see an increase in the apprehension of fleeing suspects after officers attend this course and apply the tactics, and in turn make their community safer."

Fowler Johnston
Deputy Chief of Police
Albuquerque Police Department

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