"Jack Schonely put on one of the best training days we've ever hosted. His material was current, accurate, thought-provoking, and was presented clearly and at the right level. As a Training Sergeant for a department of 180 sworn, I put a high value on presenters who are professional, flexible and have a good time teaching. Jack is one of those presenters. I highly recommend Jack's Perimeter and Suspect Containment Course for Field Personnel at any level, at any agency."

Sgt. Tony Tassano
Fremont Police Department
Training Unit

"Jack's class is a must for patrol, SWAT and canine officers; very informative, up to date, and very well presented."

Steve Brewer
Law Dogs Inc.

"In the 24 1/2 years of my Law Enforcement career, I have never been to a class or seminar where I didn't want it to end. You have put together a GREAT presentation. It should be required for every police officer in the state.

I learned things today, I wish I had known many years ago. You also gave credence to several things I had thought previously, but since no one did them, I didn't think it was the "tactical" way to go. My patrol team will definitely benefit from what I experienced this afternoon.

Keep up the great work!

Michael Carnevale
Sergeant, San Mateo Police Department

“Great class, I really enjoyed it.”

“Outstanding! Should be required training for anyone in law enforcement.”

“Jack is a wealth of information and his teaching style is excellent. He held my attention the entire time and kept the class interesting. Should be mandatory for all cops. Great job.”

“Well worth the time. Very useful for patrol tactics. Great presentation and presenter.”

“Great class! Jack is a very engaging instructor with a lot of tactical patrol experience which makes his class very credible for all police officers and deputy sheriffs.”

“This would be a great course for all patrol officers to attend. Management, especially sergeants and lieutenants would really benefit from this class.”

“This is an important block of instruction that should be mandatory for any officer working patrol.”

Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment Course
Hosted by the Sacramento Police K-9 Association
Course Evaluation Comments
Feb 7, 2008

Jack's class will bring immediate results to your officers' abilities to establish perimeters and apprehend the bad guys. It took only one night after Jack's presentation for us to see the results. Two fleeing suspects involved in a burglary and their partner in a stolen vehicle were apprehended. The first two were apprehended by one of our canine teams. Because the initial officer used some of the tactics Jack talked about, we were able to get all three. Jack's class is a must for any department no matter what your size.

Lieutenant Shawn Ahearn
Police Training Coordinator
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, CA

"Jack Schonely has a unique way of bringing information and visual aids together in a presentation which is both informative and interesting. If you want to catch more bad guys, this is a great place to start.

Every police officer should have the information in Jack Schonely’s class on suspect tactics. In one day at Jack’s class you can improve officer safety and increase arrest rates. In my opinion, that’s time well spent."

Corporal Eric Weidner
Ontario Police Department, CA

"Jack has taken sound tactics and principles and made them into workable solutions for fleeing suspects. I am listening on the radio now as officers are setting up a perimeter on a suspect, as a direct result of Jack's class. The Pursuing Fleeing Suspects Class has caused a philosophy change within our department as to how we handle these situations. City officials should expect to see an increase in the apprehension of fleeing suspects after officers attend this course and apply the tactics, and in turn make their community safer."

Fowler Johnston
Deputy Chief of Police (retired)
Albuquerque Police Department, NM

“This book is one of the most comprehensive and to the point manuscripts that I have had the pleasure to review in my 38 years of law enforcement. Apprehending Fleeing Suspects is the 'how-to', 'nuts and bolts' of field enforcement tactics and is not only focused on suspect apprehension, but on officer safety. A must read for the professional police officer.”

Deputy Chief (retired) Mike Hillmann
Los Angeles Police Department, CA

"Jack Schonely’s Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment Class is a must for every department. There had been no formal perimeter training at my department until Jack taught his class last year, and since then our perimeters are set up easier and quicker than ever before. I am a pilot for our department and I see and hear Jack’s training being used regularly by our deputies and have no doubt that this training has helped us catch more suspects than in the past."

Sergeant/Pilot Todd Tolbert
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Air Operations Unit
Pensacola, FL

"After thirty years in law enforcement I realize some instructors and authors operate strictly from an academic background. Jack Schonely has a wealth of quality tactical experience and a desire to share that knowledge. Now law enforcement personnel can read his book or attend his class. I have done both and the experience was fantastic. He should be part of any officer survival program."

Art Ruditsky
Lieutenant (retired), Los Angeles Police Department, CA

"Jack Schonely’s book, “Apprehending Fleeing Suspects” explains the safest and most effective methods of perimeter containment and suspect apprehension tactics for modern law enforcement. It is “must reading” from academy level officers to veterans. His classroom presentation skills are second to none and make officers think about their officer safety practices long after the class is over."

Kevin P. Means
Past President, Airborne Law Enforcement Association
Past President, Airborne Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission
Training Officer, San Diego Police Air Support Unit, CA

"Jack Schonely has taught two classes to our department in the last year and a half. The class was exceptional to say the least. As a veteran officer and an Academy Instructor I see the need for Officer Schonely's message to get out to the officers on the street. The message was clear to all who attended, lets catch the bad guys, and let's do it safely.

Our department was fortunate enough to have Officer Schonely teach our cadet class each time he came to town. The lessons they learned were second to none. As a training staff we were able to improve our training program on the apprehension of fleeing suspects. We opened our doors to our entire department as well as any officer of every rank from any department in the area. The feedback we received from these officers was nothing but positive.

Officer Schonely's book is outstanding. It is a must for every patrol officer and all Recruit Officers should read and outline it while in basic training. Our officers are fortunate to have received this training. Happy hunting."

Officer S. Grommes
Basic Training Unit
Albuquerque Police Department, NM

"The entire Modesto Police Department recently underwent the Training provided by Jack Schonely. Since receiving this outstanding training, I have seen our perimeters improve dramatically which has resulted in an increase in suspects being captured. The officers now work more seamlessly with the K-9 officers and Air resources when they are available. Our perimeter integrity and officers perimeter tactics have also improved resulting in increased officer safety.

I believe that because of Jack’s course, Modesto PD officers who were recently involved in a very large multi-agency perimeter in Turlock, CA were instrumental in the capture of a gang member who was involved in the shooting of a Turlock Police Officer.

I would encourage every law enforcement officer to attend a course offered by Jack Schonely and take advantage of the incredible experience he has from the perspective of a patrol officer, K-9 handler, Tactical Flight Officer, and now as an LAPD helicopter pilot who has been involved in thousands of perimeters."

Sergeant David Van Diemen
Modesto Police Department, CA

"Jack is a very knowledgeable and professional instructor who offers must know information for every street cop."

Russ Jenkins
Braintree Police Department, MA

"I have utilized Jack Schonely as an instructor for my Airborne Law Enforcement Safety Seminars for years. He is one of the most entertaining, professional, and knowledgeable instructors in the industry. He has worked his way from the ground to the air and he has "been there and done that". I highly recommend his book for all air crews."

Sgt. Gregg Weitzman
Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department, CA
Airborne Law Enforcement Association - Western Region Director

"Great instructor, it's always good to hear from someone who teaches from operational experience and not theory".

William Morgan
Norfolk County Sheriff's Office, MA

"Jack Schonely delivered training that was on point and provided invaluable skills to law enforcement officials of all levels, from patrol to command staff."

Patrolman Roy D. Bain, Jr.
Mansfield Police Department, MA

"Jack's knowledge comes from the trenches...there's just no substitute for experience. We all think we can read people, Jack plays out the most likely scenario and the "human" reasons for it, identifying "why" you'll see it and how to succeed in apprehensions."

Lieutenant John Norkaitis
Hingham Police Department, MA

"It has been my pleasure to hear Jack Schonely speak on the subject of suspect apprehension and perimeter containment on several occasions. He is an extremely effective communicator whose passion for the subject makes him a captivating speaker. Each tactic Jack teaches is not only drawn from his extensive law enforcement experience, but punctuated with powerful real world examples. With insights that cut right to the heart of the matter, I’m always impressed with the fact that Jack is constantly updating his course to include the latest developments in the field. I look forward to hearing Jack speak again."

Brian Spillane
Western Region Manager
FLIR Systems, Inc., CA